Coantec Industrial videoscope helps Aviation Development

Release time:2023-07-10    Click:1891

The annual April 12th is the world space day. With the rapid development of the aerospace industry, Coantec industrial videoscope has also demonstrated itself in this field.

The application of industrial videoscope equipment in aviation maintenance field can be divided into 3 categories: engine inspection, body inspection and foreign body damage inspection. In the examination of the body, the industrial videoscope is mainly aimed at detecting the front edge flaps, the cable accessories, the connecting parts of the hose and wire, the interior of the wing, and the delamination inside the composite material body. Industrial videoscope can also help to read ID plates of parts, check loose nuts and bolts, check the compass compartment on large aircraft, and confirm the location of the leakage of fuel or other fluids.

In the practical applications of aerospace , the significance of industrial borescope detection is embodied in two aspects of safety and benefit. On one hand, videoscope detection can detect the damage of the components of the engine and the body as soon as possible. It is helpful to exclude the hidden danger in the embryonic stage, and reduce the loss of economy and property; on the other side , there is no need to  decompose the engine, thus reduce the cost of time, manpower, transportation, maintenance and so on, and also improve the efficiency of the engine. Thus, it can be seen that Coantec industrial videoscope is an important technical means for the development of the aerospace industry without disassembling the engine and understanding the internal structure of the high-tech detection method.