Common applications of industrial videoscopes in auto parts inspection

Release time:2023-07-10    Click:186

Auto parts need to be tested through multiple processes to ensure that they meet the factory standards, so as to ensure the safe operation of the car. Industrial videoscope can be used to detect the internal conditions of equipment or parts. In the field of automobile production, manufacturing, maintenance and maintenance, it can often cooperate with other nondestructive testing equipment to detect the internal surface defects of parts, and the intuitive and clear image presentation can make the subtle defects clear at a glance.


Common defect detection of auto parts include:


1. Die casting defects

  Defects such as burrs, cracks, debris, sand inclusion and other defects formed on the internal surface of pressure casting parts such as automobile cylinder block, cylinder head and hydraulic valve block in production process engineering can be visually detected by industrial videoscope;


2. Pipeline weld defect detection

  The industrial videoscope can detect and view the welds inside the vehicle water channel, oil channel, air conditioner, exhaust pipe and other pipelines in real time, and whether there are welding slag, weld beading, incomplete penetration, wrong edge and other welding conditions. Photos and videos can be taken.


3. Forging defects

  There are many production processes for automobile parts, such as forged piston (casting and forging processes are common). The industrial videoscope with small diameter can be used to detect burr, flanging, crack and surplus in automobile piston hole.


There are a large number of automobile parts, and there are still many applications of industrial videoscope in automobile detection, such as the detection of the surface condition of the inner cavity of various pipes, castings and other parts. The soft, small and flexible insertion tube can reach the narrow and curved structure to be inspected for intuitive image detection. The operation is simple, flexible and easy to carry.