High-performance multifunctional industrial borescope C68 series

Release time:2022-05-04    Click:522

Coantec is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in the R & D, production, sales and service of industrial testing products in China. A variety of industrial borescopes developed by the company are widely praised for their high-definition image quality and stable product performance. Among them, the representative C series and X series are not only the leading sales among similar products in China for many years, but also abroad, Coantec brand is also well known by many practitioners in the field of nondestructive testing.


C68 series is the representative of Coantec's high-end industrial borescope products. It adopts an 8-inch IPS full view industrial HD touch LCD screen with a display resolution of 1024 * 768px. The system adopts the menu navigation of touch screen and physical keys to comprehensively optimize the UI operation interface, which is more humanized and easier to understand, The operation process of observation and recording in the whole detection process is smoother.



High quality image, easy to identify subtle defects. When taking photos and recording at the same time, the picture can be captured during recording. The operating handle can be controlled mechanically and electrically. The pipeline diameter is from 2mm to 8mm and the length is from 1m to more than 10m. It can be customized according to actual needs. It has more flexible and diverse configurations, which is suitable for different detection environments and targets, and also effectively controls the detection cost. The host and handle are equipped with built-in batteries. The handle is equipped with rechargeable high-capacity batteries and can be replaced, so that the standby time of the whole machine is longer. They can be charged with each other with the built-in batteries of the display screen. The electric handle can work for more than 4 hours and the mechanical handle can work for more than 6 hours. It is equipped with a seat charger, which can adapt to continuous and ultra long-time detection work.