Advantages and Applications of Automotive Videoscopes

Release time:2022-05-04    Click:455

Videoscopes are widely used in various fields. They are generally divided into medical and industrial uses. The former is mainly used for inspection of body parts, while the latter is used for internal inspection of various components or equipment. Industrial videoscopes can be seen in the production, installation, and maintenance of automobiles, airplanes, ships, high-speed rail, and various equipment assemblies and parts. The car videoscope is a practical tool commonly used for engine inspection in the process of car maintenance and repair.


The user does not need to disassemble the car engine engine, just remove the nozzle, glow plug or spark plug, etc., and use the videoscope to check the internal conditions of the engine, such as observing the cylinder head, piston, combustion chamber, cylinder wall, valve seat and valve head, etc. Whether there are carbon deposits, damage, abrasion and other surface defects in the parts that are not easy to check, to help users better take countermeasures.



   The automotive videoscope ME+ series of Coantec , uses a 3.5-inch high-definition display, a mega-high-definition camera, the probe can be turned 360 degrees, and the unidirectional bending angle is greater than 180 degrees. Meter tungsten alloy wire wear-resistant braided tube, and waterproof grade up to IP67, real-time display of the current inspection image, the picture quality is clearer and smoother, one-click photo and video, can be connected to a large screen, large-capacity storage space, battery life is longer than 4 hours.