Industrial borescopes used to detect defects on the inner surface of copper pipes

Release time:2022-05-04    Click:181

In the process of manufacturing quality control and equipment maintenance and testing, industrial borescopes are one of the commonly used non-destructive testing tools. In recent years, with the improvement of domestic science and technology, domestic industrial borescopes have made great progress in product appearance and comprehensive performance design. The hardware system completes image data acquisition and observation functions, while the software system is used to complete image analysis, processing, and measurement functions, and a more stable and reliable endoscopic inspection system is realized through the effective combination of software and hardware.

industrial borescope can be regarded as a kind of equipment with an extremely wide range of detection. It can see relevant applications from aircraft engines to pipes with a diameter of only a few millimeters. In addition to our common electronic video borescope, there are optical fiber borescope, optical borescope and so on, which can be applied to different scenes.




Copper pipe is a component commonly used in industrial equipment. It has excellent characteristics such as corrosion resistance, high temperature and high pressure resistance and good thermal conductivity. It is widely used in automobile oil circuit, heat exchanger, air conditioner, refrigerator, aerospace and other fields. The copper pipe is produced in batch, and the inner surface defects and internal weld conditions can be checked by borescope. The borescope detection method can improve the work efficiency of inspectors, help to understand the internal structure of copper pipe timely and accurately, and help to find the abnormalities in the production process of copper pipe in time, so as to better realize the product quality control. Coantec industrial borescope has the characteristics of clear image and bright color. The dynamic video display is smooth. When the image moves rapidly, it is not easy to delay, blur and tail, so as to better present clear internal details of the pipeline. Welcome customers to consult for more details.


With people's attention to product quality requirements and equipment maintenance, borescopes are more and more widely used. From the domestic sales and export data of borescopes in recent years, they show an increasing trend year by year. In the future, the product technology will also develop towards a more automatic and intelligent direction, so as to better and faster solve the problems of industrial testing.