Ultra HD Mega Pixel Industrial Videoscope of Coantec C50 series

Tube diameter
3.9 / 4.8 / 6.0 mm
Camera pixels
1,000,000 PX
Tube length
The C50 series is a 360° all-way articulation electric industrial videoscopeindependently developed and produced by Coantec after years of carefulresearch.This product adopts an integrated handheld design,which is light andportable, easy to operate,can take photos and record videos. With a 5-inch HDdisplay, 720P HD camera and excellent image sensing technology, it can displayhigher resolution images with perfect detail of defects.The insertion tube is anti-corrosion and more wear-resistant,and its waterproof and dust-proof level canreach IP67.At present,the product has been widely used in many fields such asaviation,energy and power, petrochemical,automobile manufacturing,mechanical casting,special inspection industry,food and pharmaceuticalmachinery Non-destructive testing.

Product details description